One direction is just annoying now


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Zayn was called a terrorist. Zayn was called a cheater. Zayn was going through hell, but of course these pathetic ass Perrie kissers have to make it about Perrie. Zayn could get stabbed and wind up in the hospital and y’all mixers would be like “Perrie is such a strong person for staying by Zayn’s side, she’s an angel

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Why are so many Little Mix fans following me?

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   Please don't hate me, but why do you hate Little Mix so much? If you get to meet them you can see how genuine they really are..

Sorry you’re too blind to see how terrible Little Mix is. You’ll see the light someday

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She’s so ugly and he’s so annoyed. I can’t

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I forgot I even had this blog tbh

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I am laughing for so many reasons at this new Zerrie photo:


  1. Zayn looks so uncomfortable, he’s not even trying anymore
  2. Perrie’s face is a hot mess, someone help this girl
  3. It’s an old picture but comes out when Little Mix are releasing tickets to their concert

They make it so obvious that this relationship isn’t real, it’s funny.

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Even IF zayn did cheat we shouldn’t keep talking about it. He can go to jail and be kicked out of one direction. I will not believe the rumors because 2 of those girls already said they lied about it all. Plus if someone was leaving and coming to Zayns house/hotel room, ect. WE WOULD HAVE SEEN IT! I mean come on! Hundreds of girls before them tried to pull off the same thing but we choose to believe these girls? Just because they wrote a article of something that I would see in a fanfic?
I will not believe in these rumors until we have solid evidence.

Did this girl just say Zayn could go to jail for ‘cheating’ or get kicked out of the band????

I’m done

Apr 1 16:15 ( 17 )
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Funny … exit photos of Zerrie today precisely when the tickets for the Salute tour on USA have been released today also


… ah yes course, it is only one coincidence… nothing of more heheheh


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