Don’t apologize for your English, I understand what you were trying to say. And yeah, it’s messed up how it seems most mixers only care about Perrie.

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That’s me

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   I actually hate your url (it's soo rude) but I love how confident you are! You are amazing and beautiful, never let anyone tell you different. ♥

Yeah my user is a bit rude but I kinda like it because it is so different from other anti zerrie users. But thanks.

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   shit mix fans are soooooooooooooooooooooo fucking bitter towards 5H its so sad. The new music 5H is getting ready to release honestly sounds so good and mixers go off and make fun of their dancing and cloths. They couldn't find anything wrong with the music so they picked at something else how fucking sad are they😩😩

From what I’ve seen, it’s only the mixers that love zerrie are hating on 5H. I guess they’re mad 5H can do things wihtout relying on a man…

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   lets discuss the annoyance, bitterness, and childishness that is mixers

lets discuss the annoyance, bitterness, and childishness that is shippers 

I’ve spoken to many Little Mix fans and they were all lovely and had no problem with me not liking zerrie. It’s the shippers that are the problem.

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   Perrie isn't a famewhore. She's ambitious and there's nothing wrong with that. If you're jealous of her success then go and earn your own fame! No need to be bitter about other people's achievements. ;)

jealous of her success" It’s like jealous is the only word in shippers vocabulary…

And the only reason she has this “success”, if you can even call it that, is because she relies on Zayn and Zerrie for everything. I’m not jealous of a girl who can’t do things on her own…

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   But girls CAN CONTROL it if they're hairy, smell or are overweight. Just shave, wash, eat healthy and do sport! And Perrie's haters said much worse things to her. What Perrie said wasn't cool, of course but actually I think it's the truth.

No… just….no. And you thinking that makes you just as wrong, dumb, and problematic as Perrie, if not more. I would explain it to you, but iblogwhateverhtefuckiwant already did a good job at it. Now get out of my ask.

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Madonna be like


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